Black Tie – Staff Spotlights October 2021



Eduardo joined us this year in April all the way from Chile! Eduardo always puts safety first which is our #1 core value at Black Tie. When it comes to safety, he is not only concerned with his own safety but also the safety of his colleagues. ⁠

Eduardo is excellent at managing his time and meeting deadlines while ensuring his quality of work is always top-notch.⁠

⁠Whatever the job is, big or small, Eduardo always has a can-do attitude and an open mind to learn new skills or try out a new technique.⁠

He is an excellent team player. If he finishes up for the day early, he will help his colleagues to finish up the task or pull up ropes. ⁠

Thanks Eduardo!



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Did you know that November is Fall Prevention Month?

At Black Tie Property Services, Fall protection is front of mind for all of the work-related activities that we do. In the window cleaning industry, a large percentage of injuries are a result of falls.

According to WCB-Alberta data, in 2015, 20.5% of Alberta’s workplace lost-time claims were the result of falls as follows:

1) 13.9 percent – fall on the same level;
2) 6.0 percent – fall to a lower level;
3) 0.6 percent – other falls.

The severity of falls is often underestimated; serious injuries or death can result from falls of as little as one metre. Unsafe ladder use, particularly in construction and maintenance, causes falls, but even stairs present a hazard. That’s why Black Tie’s number one core value is SAFETY FIRST. We employ trained professionals who adhere to the highest standards in safety.

All of our technicians from high-rise rope access to ground crews working with step ladders are trained in fall protection. We do not use subcontractors.

Here are some things we do at Black Tie to minimize the risks of falling:

  • Weekly toolbox talks
  • Monthly company-wide safety meetings
  • Created a Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee
  • Appointed Kyle Egeland as our National Safety Coordinator. In this role, he oversees the overall safety program in place within all companies operating under the Black Tie umbrella
  • WCB + Worksafe

Hope you all stay safe out there! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our safety first protocol at Black Tie.