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Core Value #2: Accountability – What it means at all levels of the organization

May! Welcome to the beginning of peak season for window cleaners! Last month we discussed what Safety First means to us and why it is so important. In the same vein, in the next few months, our newsletter will highlight one of our company values. This month, we discuss Accountability.

Accountability is the second cornerstone of our training program. For techs this means accountability to our customers in providing quality work, and once we are sure you are safe, this is what we will focus on in the second phase of training.

Let’s break down Accountability for each level of the company:

Technicians: As mentioned above, delivering quality work is the main responsibility of our field techs.

Techs are accountable to other members of their team; they are required to show up on time and to look out for their teammates, making sure that work is being performed in a safe and efficient manner. Technicians are accountable for making sure they keep up with the agreed daily production and that jobs get completed on time (more on that next month), and for reporting their hours accurately. All techs are accountable for their own safety and the safety of their coworkers. It is their responsibility to report, and when possible, correct any situation that challenges our high safety standards.

Supervisors: Supervisors are accountable to technicians for providing instructions and equipment needed to perform their daily tasks.

They are accountable for training and ensuring they have the appropriate level of knowledge and technical skills needed to perform the work assigned to them. Supervisors are accountable for keeping jobs on time and require the collaboration of technicians in ensuring that things keep moving at the pace set at the beginning of a job. They are accountable for job budgets and oversee all hours and expenses associated with each project. Most importantly, supervisors are accountable for the safety of their team, on each project. They are responsible for filling out safety documentation and for keeping a close eye on their teams.

Management: Management is accountable to our clients for delivering on our company promise (see 360° promise below).

Management ensures all employees are well compensated and taken care of – the combination of those two things is why we do what we do. Ultimately, management is accountable for the company vision and to ensure we achieve excellence at all levels, both internally, in how we operate and treat each other, and externally, in how we treat our customers.

As you can see, accountability works in all directions, and we are somehow all accountable to each other. It is the glue that holds us together and helps us grow and move forward.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions, and would love to hear from you if you see areas where accountability might be lacking or if you have any suggestions. Please feel free to approach your supervisor or a member of the management team, or to use our handy monthly anonymous survey.