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Kyle Egeland

Director of Operations - Calgary / National Safety Coordinator

Originally joining the Black Tie team in 2015, Kyle began his building maintenance career on the post construction cleaning crew led by David Inzunza. Soon after, he received IRATA and SPRAT training at Pacific Ropes and his passion for rope access building maintenance began. 

Since that time Kyle has gained industry experience in both British Columbia and Alberta. With a focus on safety, craftsmanship and customer service, he enjoys fostering those same values in his crews, leading to high quality service and customer satisfaction. Kyle rejoined Black Tie in 2021 as the operations partner heading Black Tie Property Services Calgary, and is excited to bring Black Tie to his home in Alberta.

Kyle also holds the position of National Safety Coordinator. In this role, he oversees the overall safety program in place within all companies operating under the Black Tie umbrella and leads the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee.

He is a contributing member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers, enjoys spending time in the mountains on his days off, and has recently rekindled a childhood interest in the sport of fencing.