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Sebastien Nault

Sebastien Nault

Founder and CEO

Sebastien began his entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 14, when his parents and some family friends helped him purchase his first window cleaning equipment kit. Moving from his native Quebec to Vancouver in the late 90’s, Sebastien pursued education in business and marketing at BCIT, while at the same time exploring various business opportunities. In 2011, he founded Black Tie and turned what was once a simple summer job into a multimillion dollar enterprise with offices in 4 major Canadian cities.

Passionate about leadership, company culture and personal growth, Sebastien enjoys working alongside his team to help them problem solve, and improve Black Tie’s systems, while building an amazing culture. He also enjoys giving back and does so through his mentoring of BCIT business students and serving on the regional council for EO (Entrepreneurs Organization).

Sebastien values freedom above all else and is an avid traveller, adventure seeker and motorcycle enthusiast. When not at work, you can find him on his Triumph motorbike or on some remote beach in Asia.