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Core Value #3 – Proud Team Player

Summer is finally here and this month, we discuss my personal favourite core value: Proud Team Players.

This is the third cornerstone of our company culture and is at the root of how we behave and treat each other. It is also how we approach our work, making sure we are a well-oiled machine where all components work together in harmony towards a common goal. 

Coming from a small town and very conservative family, the one thing that really stood out to me when I moved to Vancouver in my early 20s, was how diverse the city was. Learning about various cultures and being exposed to all kinds of people is something I really enjoyed, and when our team started getting bigger, I was excited to see people with all kinds of backgrounds come on board. I absolutely love how diverse and eclectic our team is, and really hope we can all embrace the opportunity to learn from each other.
Of course, with opportunity also come challenges, and we may sometimes have difficulty seeing eye to eye with other team members. In those times, it is important to keep a mindset of genuine curiosity and understanding.

At Black Tie, we are proud to provide an environment where no discrimination or harassment of any kind is tolerated. Our formal policy on this matter is posted on our community board, in the office, and can also be found HERE.
I hope you are as proud as I am to be part of this team, and that you will wear the Black Tie colours with pride!

Keeping this in mind, as we are heavily branded and highly visible, part of being a Proud Team Player is to ensure that we represent the brand in a professional manner.  Maintaining a clean appearance and displaying respectful behaviour while wearing the Black Tie uniform is not only important on site, but also during our daily commute.

At Black Tie, we work and play together in a fun and respectful way, and this month, despite being in the busiest part of the year, let’s make sure to reach out and connect with our teammates.  If you see someone rocking it, tell them!  Or throw some kudos their way via our company’s BONUSLY platform.  
As always, we love to hear from you, so please feel free to reach out to your favourite member of the leadership team, or holler at us via our anonymous monthly feedback survey.