20+ Years


20+ years of experience in exterior building maintenance.  Our anchor systems are designed with the end user in mind.

Efficient, cost-effective and optimized for rope access and regular building maintenance.

Intelligent systems with everything you need and nothing more.

When it comes to anchor systems, most building owners, developers and builders understand that usability is the most important factor at play. Unfortunately, most anchor companies have little understanding of how their product will be used, resulting in the following issues:

  • Insufficient or poorly positioned anchors
  • Expensive and inefficient systems [overkill]
  • Complex systems needing specialized training that never end up being used

Whether you are looking for a design for a new building, would like to review your current anchor system, or want to get a second opinion on a project in progress, we will evaluate your unique situation and ensure that your anchor system is:

  • Meeting CSA Standards
  • Cost-effective
  • Optimized for regular maintenance and building access

Call us for a free assessment or to request a proposal.