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How Black Tie Services is staying connected to our customers during COVID-19

In 2019, led by it’s director of rope access operations, Phill Walter, Black Tie worked hard to implement COR safety protocols within the entire company.  In the spring of 2020, management was excited about launching Lunch & Learn programs to share this accomplishment of COR certification with its property management clients.


But then, COVID-19 happened and Sebastien Nault, CEO of Black Tie spearheading the initiative, was left feeling “dejected and frustrated”.

Feeling the need to turn things around, he decided to work on increasing Black Tie’s sense of connection with property managers and to adapt by doing lunch and learns, but on a smaller scale and including food deliveries to their offices and homes.

Sebastien Nault, Founder & CEO of Black Tie Property Services

The management team would work together to deliver lunches, and follow them up with a zoom meeting connecting property managers who opted in – to have an open conversation about how they were doing, and how we could support them and each other.


He knew that the local food industry had been struggling, so he chose to order delicious and healthy prepackaged lunches from his favorite Vancouver caterer: Peake of Catering


Some property managers unable to take part in the free lunch chose to pay it forward by donating it to building managers and concierges, recognizing they are front line workers who are continuing to serve residents day in and day out.

Enrique, Concierge, First Service Residential

Sebastien intentions were to make the best of this unprecedented time during COVID by:


  • Building relationships and a sense of community within the industry

  • Showing appreciation for hard working property managers 

  • Creating value for customers

During COVID-19, Black Tie has added some procedures to encourage cleanliness and safety on the job sites.


This includes:

  • Complimentary additional services of disinfecting common areas like lobbies, elevator panels and other frequently touched areas.

  • Mask wearing by all service staff 

  • Social distancing in office areas 


Black Tie is proud to have gone through an involved process to achieve COR certification which is “a voluntary incentive program that recognizes companies who develop and implement health and safety and injury management systems that meet an industry standard. The program rewards employers who take a strategic approach to workplace safety and are committed to reducing both the human and financial costs of workplace injuries. COR™ certification is offered by WorkSafeBC and delivered through Certifying Partners . The BCCSA is the COR™ Certifying Partner for employers in the construction industry. 

This was an inspiring initiative that felt great for the Black Tie Team. 

Krishna and Sebastien with James Liang from Hollyburn Properties LTD.

Is receiving a free lunch something you would be interested in? Has a business done something kind for you that impressed you during COVID-19?  We would love to hear!

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