Black Tie Window Cleaning – Instagram Contest Winners

Happy Friday  & Congrats to our talented winners from the month of June.

1st Place – 175 Likes

@p_krezz (Pawel Krezl, Black Tie Vancouver Maintenance Team)

Orange is the new black ???? ????.


2nd Place – 172 Likes

@chaputsimon (Simon Chaput, Black Tie Vancouver Construction team)

This is how we do vent installation.


3rd Place – 146 Likes

@blacktiepropertyservices (Raul Gordilo, Black Tie Vancouver Construction Team)

Work is always more fun when you enjoy the company you are with.

Congrats to the winners and  a big thank you for everyone who submitted their photos to Black Tie’s Instagram Contest.

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And please check back on our blog, as we will be posting  instagram contest photos every single month.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Safety First.

Today we are celebrating Curtis Harrison who has been with our company for 9 years.  He is the head of our Ground crew operations team and has been inspiring us with his strong work ethic, loyalty and amazing personality.

Company Culture

At Black Tie, we are proud to be the kind of company that invests in safety, education and training because we want our team to be around for a while.

We enjoy creating a safe environment and culture that promotes a growth mindset and staff retention.

If working at a place like this is something that interests you, please visit this link for future opportunities.