Announcing Black Tie’s Instagram Contest Winners

Black Tie Window Cleaning – Instagram Contest

Every month, we get so excited to see the amazing photos that our Black Tie team sends in to us at Black Tie Vancouver headquarters.  This is for the Black Tie’s Instagram contest taken from the perspective of our window cleaners. It is so fascinating to see a day in the life of a window cleaner in beautiful Vancouver.

Congrats to our winners from the month of May.

1st Place – 261 Likes

@badwizardropeworks (James Rhodes, Black Tie Victoria team)

Love the insta handle!  Hope this “bad wizard” can work some magic with that window cleaning. James is an industrial climber and irata rope technician who anticipates a great season ahead!  Photo is pictured above.

2nd Place TIE – 204 Likes

@kirsten_walker (Kirsten Walker, Black Tie Construction Team)

From one of our very own women in trades – Here is Kirsten who jokingly says “surely we only do this job for photo ops.”  The photos are great!  But I do hope she loves this window cleaning for more than just the photos.



@drewlacarte (Drew Lacarte, Black Tie Construction Team)

Here’s an entry from Drew showing his “Tag team Tuesday” shot while doing a post-construction window clean at Lougheed Heights.  We love seeing our crew hanging together.



3rd Place – 189 Likes

@p_krezz (Pawel Krezl, Black Tie Vancouver Team)

Wow!  What beautiful colours on this one. If you look on Pawel’s caption, he says “Friday office be like …” Amazing, I wish it was Friday right now, am I right?


Congrats to the winners and thank you for everyone who submitted their beautiful photos to our Black Tie’s Instagram Contest.  We appreciate you and what you are doing.  You are a big part of our community and we love to  to share the great views and crazy things you guys do.

If you haven’t seen our Instagram page yet, please come check us out at @blacktiepropertyservices.

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And please check back on our blog, as we will be posting  instagram contest photos every single month.

Stay happy and please stay safe!