We are always striving to improve our services at Black Tie.  We do that by listening to what our customers have to say and taking action whenever possible.  We value all feedback because it helps us align with our customers needs as well as ensure we are upholding our company values and service promises.  This month, we wanted to feature just a few of the lovely pieces of feedback we received from our customers.  Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we are doing.

Dear __Annonymous__

Thank you both for recommending Black Tie window cleaning service. I have lived here since 2016 …what a difference quality workmanship makes.  These window cleaners are actually doing hand window cleaning and drying.  Very professional. The previous company, Pacific Heights…never used this method.  They did the water spray with a brush.  Windows were streaky and not cleaned.  I observed them cleaning at least twice. As an owner, I’m very very pleased.  One a hot 27C day at 2:00ish pm …they were smiling when I told them they are doing an amazing job.   I know they just started only on one side … got way more windows to go. Just good timing that I was at home …witnessed some of their good work.

– Vancouver

I am usually home during the day and was not aware that Black Tie Property services had come and gone.  I contacted the company thinking they had “forgotten” my condo.  Much to my surprise, the supervisor made a personal visit to my condo and in the end, we confirmed that my windows had been cleaned.  And, much to my embarrassment, the “grime” on my deck windows was on the “inside”, which is my responsibility.  I’ve since cleaned the inside of my windows and now they are sparkling clean on the inside and out!  Great personal service from this company.  Thank you.

– Vancouver

Mr. Kyle has provided an excellent customer service from day one. I do not have enough words to describe the fantastic work he has provided. Our company will continue using Mr. Kyle’s Black Tie Property Services this year again as he has proved himself to be an exceptional professional within his area of expertise.  I totally recommend his services.

– Calgary


Golf Season is just around the corner and we are so excited!

We found golf to be a great way to continue to connect with our property managers throughout the pandemic.

So we couldn’t be more thrilled to flex our new golfing muscles at these upcoming 2021 Industry Golf Events:

BOMA BC Golf Classic  – Thursday, August 19th

BOMA Edmonton Charity Golf Classic – Tuesday, Sept 7th

CRRA 28th Annual Golf Extravaganza – Wednesday, Sept 8th

BOMA Calgary Golf Classic – Thursday, Sept 9th

See you out there!


Black Tie Property Services wants to offer you a break because well, you deserve one!

The past year and a half has been messy and we want to help clean up the chaos by offering you streak free windows, debris free dryer vents and muck free gutters at a price you can delight in.

Book 2 or more services between August 12th – November 30th, 2021 and you’ll qualify for our “Bundled Discount”.  You may also qualify for our “Introductory First Service Booking Discount”.

Contact us for more details!


We want to say a big THANK YOU to all of the amazing property managers that were able to make it out to our Industry Happy Hours in Calgary & Edmonton this past July.

It was fun & revitalizing to connect in person over some good food, tasty cocktails and lively conversations.

If you missed the July Happy Hour, don’t distress comrades!  There are more drinks and laughs to be had and many more faces we’d be delighted to see.  WE WILL BE BACK!

Some kind words from our guests…

Thank you so very much for the invitation to your Black-Tie Industry event at Rodney’s yesterday (bringing West Coast seafood to Calgary was outstanding), it was such a pleasure meeting you and also getting to meet and collaborate with fellow industry professionals.

I would also like to thank you for hosting the Happy hour it was a lot a fun and we love to get to know our vendors it gives us a little more confidence when we know who is handling our buildings.”