Black Tie Window Cleaning – Instagram Contest Winners

Happy Friday  & Congrats to our talented winners from the month of June.

1st Place – 175 Likes

@p_krezz (Pawel Krezl, Black Tie Vancouver Maintenance Team)

Orange is the new black ???? ????.


2nd Place – 172 Likes

@chaputsimon (Simon Chaput, Black Tie Vancouver Construction team)

This is how we do vent installation.


3rd Place – 146 Likes

@blacktiepropertyservices (Raul Gordilo, Black Tie Vancouver Construction Team)

Work is always more fun when you enjoy the company you are with.

Congrats to the winners and  a big thank you for everyone who submitted their photos to Black Tie’s Instagram Contest.

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Safety First.

Today we are celebrating Curtis Harrison who has been with our company for 9 years.  He is the head of our Ground crew operations team and has been inspiring us with his strong work ethic, loyalty and amazing personality.

Company Culture

At Black Tie, we are proud to be the kind of company that invests in safety, education and training because we want our team to be around for a while.

We enjoy creating a safe environment and culture that promotes a growth mindset and staff retention.

If working at a place like this is something that interests you, please visit this link for future opportunities.



Announcing Black Tie’s Instagram Contest Winners

Black Tie Window Cleaning – Instagram Contest

Every month, we get so excited to see the amazing photos that our Black Tie team sends in to us at Black Tie Vancouver headquarters.  This is for the Black Tie’s Instagram contest taken from the perspective of our window cleaners. It is so fascinating to see a day in the life of a window cleaner in beautiful Vancouver.

Congrats to our winners from the month of May.

1st Place – 261 Likes

@badwizardropeworks (James Rhodes, Black Tie Victoria team)

Love the insta handle!  Hope this “bad wizard” can work some magic with that window cleaning. James is an industrial climber and irata rope technician who anticipates a great season ahead!  Photo is pictured above.

2nd Place TIE – 204 Likes

@kirsten_walker (Kirsten Walker, Black Tie Construction Team)

From one of our very own women in trades – Here is Kirsten who jokingly says “surely we only do this job for photo ops.”  The photos are great!  But I do hope she loves this window cleaning for more than just the photos.



@drewlacarte (Drew Lacarte, Black Tie Construction Team)

Here’s an entry from Drew showing his “Tag team Tuesday” shot while doing a post-construction window clean at Lougheed Heights.  We love seeing our crew hanging together.



3rd Place – 189 Likes

@p_krezz (Pawel Krezl, Black Tie Vancouver Team)

Wow!  What beautiful colours on this one. If you look on Pawel’s caption, he says “Friday office be like …” Amazing, I wish it was Friday right now, am I right?


Congrats to the winners and thank you for everyone who submitted their beautiful photos to our Black Tie’s Instagram Contest.  We appreciate you and what you are doing.  You are a big part of our community and we love to  to share the great views and crazy things you guys do.

If you haven’t seen our Instagram page yet, please come check us out at @blacktiepropertyservices.

We are continually updating our page with amazing photos. You can also find out more about us and our 360 degree promise by clicking here.

And please check back on our blog, as we will be posting  instagram contest photos every single month.

Stay happy and please stay safe!

Locally owned window cleaning company supports Young Mom’s program on Vancouver Island

2020 will definitely go down in history as a strange and difficult year for everyone on the planet, but that has not prevented our Black Tie Victoria team to start the busy cleaning season on a high note, with record sales and great reviews from owners and property managers alike.

Did you know that, despite having started in Vancouver, Black Tie Property Services Victoria is locally owned and that our Island team, based in Victoria, is solely focused on serving the Greater Victoria Region? As active members of the community, we want to ensure we give back, and support the amazing organizations making a difference in our region.


One of the organizations we love to support is Herowork Victoria. They are a beautiful community of people who organize and complete Radical Renovations, helping charities better their spaces and infrastructure.  We are proud to say that this is the third year that Black Tie Victoria has worked helped with Herowork with their renovation projects.

Last month, we had the privilege of working alongside Herowork.  We scrubbed the Kiwanis Young Family Centre with waterfed pole and pressure washed it to make it look clean and beautiful before it could be painted.
This is in support of the YMCA-YWCA of Vancouver Island’s Young Moms program to help single moms and their young kids get the housing and help they need.

Our team spent a day over the weekend, power washing and scrubbing the property, leaving it spotless and giving our crew a great sense of accomplishment and warm community vibes. We are grateful to the Herowork team for allowing us the opportunity to help out on this project, and look forward to more volunteer opportunities in the future.


If you know of any volunteer opportunities, or anyone in the Victoria area that could use our help, please let us know! Thanks to Paul and his team for creating this fun video of our day with them.

How Black Tie Services is staying connected to our customers during COVID-19

In 2019, led by it’s director of rope access operations, Phill Walter, Black Tie worked hard to implement COR safety protocols within the entire company. In the spring of 2020, management was excited about launching Lunch & Learn programs to share this accomplishment of COR certification with its property management clients.

But then, COVID-19 happened and Sebastien Nault, CEO of Black Tie spearheading the initiative, was left feeling “dejected and frustrated”.

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