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Rob Baril

Rob Baril

Operations Manager - Vancouver

Having grown up in the prairies, Rob moved to Vancouver in 2002 and began washing windows in 2003 where he met Sebastien. After a year of hanging off buildings, Rob started a small video production company that focused on the sport of ultimate, and spent the next 7 years traveling the world. As his family grew and he looked for a more stable career, he was drawn back into the building maintenance business by Sebastien as he launched Black Tie.

With a background in engineering and business, Rob is sometimes questioned on why he was hanging off buildings washing windows, but he was playing the long game. Within a few years, Rob had helped build the business to the point where he could retire his ropes and focus on streamlining operations. Rob now spends his days directing his outstanding team and working to make the lives of the property managers he serves easier.

As a proud husband and father of 3, Rob spends his spare time attending his children’s sporting events, working on his home, cooking and playing hockey.