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5 Reasons Gutter Cleaning Should NOT be neglected

Over the past year and a half, we’ve noticed that gutter cleaning has been a service that many condos and rental properties have neglected in an effort to save money. Unfortunately, skipping essential maintenance services can expose your property to even steeper expenses and here’s why.

5 Reasons Gutter Cleaning Should NOT be neglected

  1. Protect your gutter systems – Gutters that are full, and not draining properly become heavy and can warp and even separate from the building, creating a hazard for people below and requiring immediate and often costly replacement;
  2. Protect your roof – The proper flow of rainwater around the exterior of your home assures that water does not collect on the fascia boards. Water damage and mold and mildew infiltration can cause expensive roof repairs and a lot of unwanted stress;
  3. Guard Against Costly Service Calls – When regular maintenance is neglected, we see far more emergency calls and service requests that can become very expensive and burden on-site staff and residents;
  4. Avoid Pest Infestations – Birds, ants, termites, rodents and other tiny creatures find debris filled gutters a desirable accommodation. These unwanted visitors can nest, multiply and even infest your home;
  5. Protect Landscaping & Residents below – As water improperly builds up and pours over, any foliage, structures or people underneath are at risk.

To summarize: Routine cleaning of your gutters can prevent damage to your roof, exterior and foundation, saving you thousands in potential unnecessary repairs.

How often should your condos gutters be cleaned?

Most professionals will recommend that you clean your gutters two times a year; once in the spring and another time in the fall. However, depending on your city’s climate and the number of trees near your home, you may have to clean your gutters more frequently.

The Black Tie Way

Black Tie will ensure that all of your gutters are cleared of leaves and debris by cleaning them by hand so that each gutter can be visually inspected and proper water flow can be assessed. We may access your gutters by ladder or by lift depending on the specific build. But no matter how your gutters are accessed, you can rest assured that Black Tie will adhere to the highest industry standards and regulations when on your property.


THE SEASON IS SHORT! Frozen gutters cannot be cleaned, so between the time the leaves are down, and the start of freezing temperatures, there is a small window of a few weeks that gets booked up very quickly. Ensure that your condominium gets their preferred dates by booking early.

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